How to Distinguish Ukrainian Women From Russian Girls

Russians and Ukrainians share a common past. The two peoples are so closely related that it is sometimes hard to distinguish them. No matter how close they are, each nation has its own identity. They differ from each other both in the type of beauty and in a whole set of psychological traits. The combination of these parameters often determines the “face, character of the nation.” For instance, Ukrainian women prefer to control men, rather than obey them. They combine passion and tenderness. But there are other distinguishing features.

  1. Stubborn and Independent

The first feature that catches the eye is the obstinacy of Ukrainian women. It can be contrasted with the complaisance of Russian women. Ukrainian women are more resolute, independent and independent of men. They are not accustomed to be too soft with men, and it is easy to find a historical justification for this. 

Remember how Ukraine began in general. Cossacks often died in skirmishes and battles or returned home crippled. This forced Ukrainian women to make their own decisions and take on “non-female” work. On their shoulders lay the burden of raising children, housekeeping, harvesting. The dominant position in such a family was occupied by the wife, and in Russia, she remained subordinate to her husband.

  1. There’s Always Something to Say

Ukrainian women are not only much more determined, but they also have an explosive temperament. Russian women for dating are more calm and melancholy. Ukrainian women are contradictory, extravagant, temperamental natures. Russian girls are calmer. Compliant and patient Russian women are more restrained in showing emotions. They forgive their husbands a lot, they are prone to self-sacrifice.

  1. Spectacular Appearance

The characteristic features of appearance are based on genetic mixing that occurred in the distant past with other peoples who lived in the neighbourhood. The following matters here:

  • the geographical position of the country, 
  • the historical expansion of the state, 
  • the annexation of lands.

Makeup smooths out any differences in appearance, but it is still possible to mention the characteristic features of Russian and Ukrainian girls, who are rightfully considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Russian women have a colder “northern” beauty. They have predominantly blond hair and light eyes, straight, graceful features. The blood of the Russians mixed the blood of the Finno-Ugric and Eastern Baltic peoples.

Ukrainian women have a more “hot” southern appearance. Most of them boast black hair. They also have straight, but larger facial features. In appearance, contrasts are often observed. For instance, pale skin and dark eyebrows, black hair and icy blue or piercing green eyes. A Russian bride is more like a majestic Snow Queen from a fairy tale, and a Ukrainian woman is a bright, sunny Queen of summer.

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