Character Traits That All Women Like

Everyone has different tastes, but among many young people, there are lucky ones who stand out among others with excessive charm and a set of particular qualities. The representatives of the gentle sex subconsciously choose guys according to special criteria that they associate with the image of the ideal chosen one.

What Women Like in Men

To understand what kind of men modern women most often like, you need to delve into the psychology of the gentle sex and identify several crucial points:

  • Excellent health. On a subconscious level, a woman is looking for a candidate for future offspring. If the object of desire looks healthy, it is considered a big advantage. Girls evaluate not only the colour of the eyes of men but also the condition of the nails, hair, colour (and presence) of teeth, and gait.
  • The taboo on bad habits. Alcoholics are the latest category that women can look at. A red and swollen face after a binge looks disgusting and repulsive, even if the facial features are quite handsome. Ladies are wary of those who smoke a lot, spend all day playing computer games, or are dependent on something else.
  • Solid character. A self-confident, strong guy who can protect his girlfriend is worthy of admiration and recognition. While the timid and shy representative of the male half remains unnoticed and deprived of female attention.
  • Body scent. When a man rarely takes a shower, he becomes repulsive to women. Many ladies are drawn to those from whom not only perfume smells good, but also clean skin.
  • Voice. Women are attracted to the pleasant timbre of voice. Enveiling hoarse baritone can conquer the subtle notes of the female soul. Pleasant speech, jokes, compliments give a man a special charm. And, on the contrary, an abusive speech of a rude man, confusion in the words of a talker, aggressive cries or uncertain babble repel girls and cause negative emotions. Women do not like shrill tones, monotonous, boring tirades and vulgar phrases uttered by a guy.

What the Ideal Man Should Be 

To understand what type of men women often like, it is necessary to designate a set of main qualities that should ideally be present:

  1. Self-confidence;
  2. Neatness;
  3. Strength;
  4. Persistence.;
  5. Charm;
  6. A healthy sense of humour;
  7. Pleasant voice;
  8. Politeness;
  9. Self-sufficiency;
  10. Romance.

Falling in love can seize a woman suddenly, sometimes she does not have time to realize that now a certain person means much more to her than the rest. The wit of a man depends on the person who is in love with him because then he looks better to her than he really is.

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