Commercial and recreational air travel to and from the Greater Quad Cities Region is easy via the Quad City International Airport (QCIA).  The QCIA, located in Moline, Illinois is a commercial airport served by five major passenger airlines offering approximately 60 daily inbound/outbound flights to eight major hubs nationwide.  Nonstop service to these cities connects to hundreds of national and international destinations.  Annually the QCIA serves nearly 1 million passengers and 4 million pounds of freight.  For more information on Quad City International Airport go to:

  Quad City International Airport

Seven other general aviation airports are located with the Greater Quad Cities Region. These smaller airports are used for corporate flights, personal aircraft, flight training, and emergency services.  The table below provides details on airports located within the Greater Quad Cities Region.




Highway Access

Runway Lengths

Quad City International

Moline, IL

I-74; I-280; US 6; US 150

10,002 ft., 7,001 ft., 4,000 ft.

Davenport Municipal

Davenport, IA 

US 61; I-80

5,501 ft., 4,001 ft.

Muscatine Municipal

Muscatine, IA

US 61

5,500 ft., 4,000 ft.

Kewanee Municipal

Kewanee, IL

IL 34; IL 78

4,500 ft., 3,200 ft.

Mercer County Municipal

Aledo, IL

IL 94

2,480 ft.

McNeal's Field (not attended)

East Moline, IL

I-88; IL 92, IL 5

2,150 ft. (turf)

Gen Air Park (not attended)

Geneseo, IL

I-80; US 6

2,568 ft. (turf)